How to be successful with Younique

It’s an easy answer, but a lot of people don’t like it when they hear it: You have to work at it.


Yep. It’s really that simple of an answer. I work hard to be successful and maintain it. If I’m not writing blog entries, I’m posting on Facebook, networking on Instagram, Tweeting (which I never thought I would do!), basically trying to connect with friends & build relationships while doing parties and more.

I have been researching and learning everything I can about Direct Sales and social media networking. I have only been doing this since April 14th 2014. I still have so much to learn, and am not afraid to admit it.

My team never gets pushed to the side. The way I look at it is if I’m not there for them, then I’m not being successful and taking away opportunities from them. That’s not what they signed up for, and I will make sure I give them all I can. (Follow this link to be a member of my team.)

I am available to answer any and all questions. Questions from customers, my team, other Presenters, potential customers, etc. I don’t make them feel pushed to the side. I do my best to answer in a timely manner. If I don’t know the answer I see that as an opportunity to row. I research the question first and if i cant find it by using my resources I will ask those above me until I find it.

I believe in leading by example. I strive to be the best wife, mom, friend, leader, neighbor, & Presenter that I can me. It all takes work.

This is what I am doing to be successful with Younique.


About Tina

Hi, I'm Tina and welcome to my blog. I'm a wife, mom, and Younique Presenter based in Central Point, Oregon. Learn about the Younique business opportunity and products, or Learn more about me…
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